Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happier Times

Earlier this year we purchased a 5th Wheel trailer. We have only been able to go out a couple times this year, but are planning on many weekends in the wilderness. We are finding it very enjoyable and relaxing - which is well needed away from our jobs. Harley has learned to be a "camping kitty", although he prefers to be off the harness to go explore futher away from camp. He has a great personality and we continually are getting our laughs from him.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sad Hard Times

The day Teri wished would never come did. Shaylee got really sick and the decision was made to put her to sleep on January 12th. It was a very difficult decision and very hard on both Teri and Eddie. It has been about a month and Teri still has some hard days. Harley has been a blessing to help Teri not be so sad. She will be deeply missed!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Addition - Harley

For Christmas Eddie bought Teri a new kitten. We are in hopes that the new kitten, named Harley (of course), will help Shaylee not be so lonely when she is home alone. Harley seems to be a very smart kitty and has a good personality. Although Shaylee is still hissing everytime she sees him, we are sure that in a couple days they will be great friends. We have had the kitty for a couple days now and Shaylee is already starting to soften up to it little by little. Teri has always thought that Shaylee was a small cat, but with the new one she seems like 2 ton Nelly lol. Teri loves him and can't stop kissing his face off!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Update needed..

The past couple months we have stayed very busy. Teri's surgery went very well and she recovered quickly and did better than she expected. She also got a job at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County as Director of Materials. So far it has been very challenging due to the department not really having a boss for awhile and a new system that is not working. She is also on the Leadership Team of the hospital, so she has lots of responsiblity and challenges ahead. Eddie has been working hard on the basement of the house. He is doing the ceiling and walls and it will soon be ready for paint. It will be very nice to have done and then we can utilize the space. This is 20 years in the making, so he is very excited to see the changes and the difference it is making to the house. We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with one of the daughters. The Christmas decorations are up and we are about 75% done with our shopping. WooHoo! The holidays might be off to a good start! lol We are looking forward to a holiday season spending time with family and loved ones and enjoying the real reason for Christmas. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

First for THE GOOD: The week after Labor Day we went up to Yellowstone. That was a very enjoyable trip and we were able to see some great wildlife. We saw a grizzly bear along with a black bear. We were also able to witness a big Elk bull during the rut and interact with a herd of cows. That was really cool. We got some great pictures and saw some beautiful country. Also, Eddie got his CPAP and feels so much better! The first night he slept really good and Teri didn't sleep at all worrying if he was breathing cuz she couldn't hear him snoring. He is going to switch over to a BIPAP machine due to he needs a higher setting that he needs. But we can tell it is doing its job due to no more mid-day naps and falling asleep at his computer and he has TONS of energy and Teri can hardly keep up with him. Finally, this past weekend we went to the Circus and Rocky Mountain Raceway to the drag races with jetcars. We also got to spend the weekend with Teri's family. Teri loved the circus and we had a great time. Hanging out with the family was very enjoyable and it was a great weekend.

Now for THE BAD: Due to some personality conflicts at Teri's job, she decided it best to find another job. She was off for a couple weeks when she was offered a job at an electrical company. She worked one day and decided it was going to work out pretty good. But due to the luck lately, it was not meant to be.

THE UGLY: Teri has been experiencing gall bladder attacks for about a week now. Due to the side effects from this and having to call in sick to the new job, they decided that it wouldn't work out for them. After trying to explain about the gall bladder and the possibility of surgery, it was decided that they would move on to someone else for the position. Some things you just can't control and have to make the best of it and move on. So the concentration now is going to get Teri on COBRA and get the medical treatment necessary to get her feeling better so that she can find a job and get back to a normal life. It can't happen soon enough!!! Surgery is scheduled for Monday, October 13th.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day 2008

After weeks of planning, the weekend finally arrived. We were so excited to have Teri's family up for a visit and a chance to all be together. But the weekend fairy had other plans....Early Friday afternoon, Vance and family tried to come up with LaDawn's trailor, but just outside of Evanston the motor decided it was tired and blew up in his truck. So while Teri went to get her nails done (Yes, nails came before family!) Eddie went to go save the day. He finished towing up the trailor to the lake as Vance went back home with the tow truck. Vonya and Cory and crew came up Friday night, along with Amber and Josh. Saturday morning Eddie called Vance and told him they had a date and Vance was NOT to stand him up. With a little coaxing, Vance and family came up, as well as the rest of the family. Mom, NaDeen, LaDawn, Chalise, and Taylee came from Park City where they had stayed the night for a girls night out. After having fun and shopping they came up. By 4:00 all the family had gathered at the house. Everyone was there but for 2 of Teri's nephews, which were missed. It was so nice to have everyone together, as it hasn't happened for a long time. After dinner we all drove to Flaming Gorge for the Parade of Lights. We had borrowed Eddie's sister's pontoon boat, dubbed the "Party Barge" so everyone was able to be on a boat and out on the water for the Parade. The weather was great and we had a great time. The Parade was a little disappointing due to not many boats were entered into the Parade and not many boats were on the water come time to watch, but all in all it was worth it. We loaded the boats up and went to a different marina where the trailor was located. Some of the crew stayed the night at the lake, sleeping in the trailor and on the boat, as the rest of us came home for some sleep. We all woke up the next morning and headed down to the lake to the trailor for breakfast. The weekend fairy sprinkled more fairy dust as the weather was awful. It was very cloudy and windy with some rain mixed in. After cooking breakfast, we decided that we would take the boat out with the tube and see if we could salvage anything fun for the day. It took a bit of effort by all the teenagers to push to boat back from the shore as the wind over the water had the boat pretty stuck in the beach. But due to strong kids and LOTS of effort, it came free and we went out on the lake. It was loads of fun as turns were taken on the tube and even more fun as Eddie dumped the kids into the lake on some pretty big waves. It was very fun to have Cory and Vonya coming along on the waverunners and to help rescue the dumped passengers of the tube. Before lunch we traded and took Mom, Richard, Vance, Brenda, LaDawn and Brent for a much smoother ride on the boat. At first it was bumpy due to all the wind and we all got soaked, but once back in some coves it calmed down and was very enjoyable. We all went back on shore and had lunch. We decided that at this point the weekend fairy and the weather had won the battle and we packed up to go back to the house. That night we had dinner and roasted marshmellows. We watched Narnia and then watched the video that was taken from the boat of all the fun at the lake. What great shots we got of bodies flying off the tube! As people started to settle down for bed, the weekend fairy decided things were getting boring so she once again sprinkled some more of her fairy dust. As NaDeen was going down the stairs to bed she slipped and tumbled down the stairs. Her foot had got caught on the step and tore her big toenail away from her toe. It was a bit scary as we didn't know if she had broken anything and to what extent the injuries were. But after a bit of calming her down and cleaning up the toe we found that was the major part of the injury. We got her into bed and other than a very sore toe, which is very pretty colors by now, she was fine. The next morning we all had breakfast and everyone started heading home. It was very nice to have two of Eddie's daughters and grandbabies with us throughout the weekend and Teri's family were able to meet them and enjoy them as much as we do. We hope that the weekend made some great memories and that everyone will come see us again soon.....and the weekend fairy is NOT invited!! Bad Fairy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our home

Outside of house
Our Boat
Our bedroom

Master Bathroom (That needs redone!)
2 Person jetted tub Family room

Front Room
Front Room into Dining Room
Family Room, My Dollies
The bathroom I redid.